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Would you like to pursue a career in accounting and finance, or even further your knowledge and skills in the field? Then this Level 4 programme could be just for you. By diving into accounting from a management perspective, you will study how knowledge of accounting assist management level staff in making informed decisions.

This course offers you the equivalent of the first year of an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance. For those who want to widen their knowledge and skills in accounting field, it has been designed to develop the essential knowledge and competences required for a better understanding of the accountancy and tax regulatory field and duties of an accountant, and what it takes to succeed in accounting and finance field.

This programme is ideal for:

  • Learners that want to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of accounting and finance.
  • Students who want to enroll for a university programme and further learning.
  • Persons who aspire to progress in their profession or gain promotion in accounting, finance or bookkeeping field.

Entry requirement

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • GCE Advanced Level profile with achievement in 2 or more subjects
  • 5 GSCEs at Grade C and above
  • Other related level 3 subjects
  • ATHE Level 3 Diplomas
  • Access to higher education certificates approved by a further education institute
  • Other equivalent international qualifications
  • Appropriate standard of English

Course description

Qualification Number: 603/4851/3
Total Qualification Time: 1200
Total Guided Learning Hours: 480
Level: 4
Credits: 120


Unit Title; Level, Credit Unit Aim
Business environment

(Level 4, 15 credit). Mandatory.


Explore external issues that may affect the business, such as economics, nature, competition, and international dimensions
Financial Accounting 1

(level 4, 15 credit). Mandatory.


The aim of this unit is to develop the financial reporting skills of those who manage or seek to manage the day-to-day finances and financial needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and small and medium practices (SMPs).
Financial Accounting 2 (level 4, 15 credit). Mandatory.


Learners will develop the ability to prepare financial statements according to the International Accounting Standards for Small and Medium-Sized entities (IFRS for SMEs).
Cost and Management Accounting (Level 4, 15 credit), Mandatory.


Individuals will have the skills to provide relevant information for short-term and long-term decision making; costing and pricing whilst ensuring that employees are motivated to achieve individual objectives and the objectives of the business.
Personal taxation (Level 4, 15 credit). Mandatory.


The aim of this unit is to enable individuals to understand taxation as it affects Individuals. The unit will focus on income tax, National Insurance (NI) contributions and capital gains tax.
Budgetary control (Level 4, 15 credit). Mandatory.


Explore the methods of financial control using budgets, including developing and implementing departmental budgets which are then combined to form a master budget.
Economics for Business (Level 4, 15 credit). Mandatory.


This unit will provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the economic environment and its impact on how businesses operate. mandatory.
Law for accounting

(Level 4, 15 credit), Mandatory.


The aim of the module is to develop understanding of how English law impacts on business organisations and professional accountancy practice. Unit Level 4.

Learning approach

This course will be studied via blended learning, to enable you learn when and where you want. You will be able to study at home or work, it is completely up to learners on how to plan and execute their study timetable. All the learning materials can be found online. Your login details and access will be sent to you immediately your registration. One-to-one Zoom sessions with your lecturers will be provided, as well as interactive and informative webinars. Learners can also get help from a community of students/tutors in an online social learning forum to help along the journey.

Assessment method 
In order to successfully complete this course, a learner MUST complete (8 mandatory units), totaling 120 credits, to gain this Level 4 qualification. This course will be graded as follows: Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Certification and awarding body

Upon a successful completion of this programme as stipulated by ATHE, you will be awarded the ATHE Level 4 Accounting. ATHE regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

Progression and profession pathways

Upon a successful completion this course, you will gain an accredited qualification that will provide the pathway to enter a Bachelors’ Degree in the second year in a number of recognised Universities in the UK. You can progress to the following.

Entry to:

  • Employment in a managerial level job roles and other related sectors
  • ATHE Level 5 Diploma in accounting

Excellent value for money

TAAS provides a recognised qualification and support package which provides excellent value for money. The qualification is designed and delivered for maximum flexibility; however, if you have a request which TAAS do not currently cater for, we will do our best to provide you with something that meets your learning needs.

Key Features

  • Earn Accredited UK Qualification
  • Access to Excellent Quality Learning Materials
  • Personalised Learning Experience
  • Support by Phone, Live Chat, and Email


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