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Short Course in Cyber Security

The Short Course in Cyber Security will provide participants with knowledge of the fundamental principles, underlying theory and practical skills employed in securing information and networks.
It will allow learners to assess the security risks inherent in computer networks and the technologies that can be employed to counter such risks. It covers cryptographic algorithms, including practical examples of breaking codes. As a practical course that teaches the principles of network security and cryptography. Learners will be able to acquire and demonstrate their practical, work ready skills in this field.
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Requirement 1 Good Info Tech. knowledge
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Requirement 2 Good Understanding of English

Short Course in Artificial Intelligence

Suitable for IT working professionals and graduates.
The Short Course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) short course will provide learners with the foundation and branches of Artificial Intelligence, such as search strategies, knowledge representation and reasoning techniques. This course will also introduce a range of well-known techniques and applications in artificial intelligence, such as fuzzy logic machine learning, expert systems, natural language processing, and intelligent agents.
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Short Course in Data Science

Understanding the theory behind Data Science and the methodologies that can be applied, will enable you to apply a forward-looking approach to past and current data and predict future outcomes.
Topics to be covered include:




Data Visualization