Excellent Student Support

TAAS provides value for money through competitive tuition, guaranteed small classes and groups, and experienced experts.

Hybrid Learning Resources

TAAS integrates it's VLE and e-learning courses for accessibility and expediency, which are at the centre of its teaching strategy.

About Us

We are a group of highly qualified and experienced academics across Europe, with extensive industry experience from public and private organizations.

Active researchers with multiple publications in diverse fields and other scholarly activities such as external examiner roles, supervision of dissertation for doctorate, master's and undergraduate students, lead consultants, and corporate trainers in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa comprise our faculty.

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Result-Focused Solutions

Our Programs

  • Pre-Degree ProgramOur Pre-degree program is aimed at preparing students for admission into the courses of their choice.
  • Pre & Masters ProgramsOur Pre-Masters Program prepares student for a Master's degree at the University of their choice.
  • Ph.D & Ph.D By Publication A PhD by publication is a postgraduate research degree that's based on research you've already undertaken and had published (excluding self-publishing) before enrolling.
  • Post Doctoral ProgramOur Post-doctoral Program is a training-focused position available to people who have earned a doctorate.

By enrolling in a TAAS programme, our students make a considerable investment in their future. Higher education is a hugely personal experience, and there are a range of ways through which we provide excellent value for money.

TAAS Diploma Programs

Earning a management diploma can help students gain valuable business knowledge that can be incredibly useful in the workplace to get a competitive edge over other job applicants and can open up a wide selection of career opportunities.

Diploma in Business

total duration.

Extended Diploma in Business and Management

total duration.

Extended Accounting and Finance – Level 7

All Levels
total duration.
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TAAS Ethos:

Mission & Programs

To be acknowledged as a leading provider of quality learning experience that is inclusive, inspiring, and free from barriers to learning.

Our mission is driven by the commitment to provide excellent teaching for students through customized and accessible teaching approach. TAAS actions are shaped by the following principles.


Pre-Degree Programs


Pre & Master's Programs


Doctorate Courses (Ph.Ds)


Post Doctoral Programs

Our Status Value

TAAS Vision

To support students from diverse backgrounds, capabilities, and ambitions to fulfil their potential through learning, accomplishment, and progression.

Our vision is based on excellence in teaching and mentoring, and it is advanced by a global perspective that fosters the exchange of ideas, reverence, and a better understanding across international borders and cultures.

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Hands-On Learning
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Memberships, Recognitions & Accreditations

The Academy for Advanced Studies TAAS works with many respectable and well-known accreditation bodies around the world. We have successfully managed to accredit our school,which ensures our students quality of education and international recognition of our certificates.