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High-quality, affordable, dynamic online education that is Mission-driven and Future-focused. At TAAS, we’re taking a different approach to learning that prepare learners for the global workplace.
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TAAS: Augmenting your Potentials. . .

Who we are:

We are a group of highly qualified and experienced academics across Europe, with extensive industry experience from public and private organisations! Active researchers with multiple publications in diverse fields and other scholarly activities such as external examiner roles, supervision of dissertations for doctorate, master’s and undergraduate students, lead consultants, and corporate trainers in Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa comprise our faculty.

The TAAS programme covers theories, techniques, and methods relevant for organisational growth and sustainable management practice. It underscores the interdependency of knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSBs) considered necessary to study at a master’s level. The course has the potential to support individual and team reflection simultaneously, as well as professional development and lifelong learning.

Over 20 Progs. Available

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Value for your Money

By enrolling in a TAAS programme, our students make a considerable investment in their future. Higher education is a hugely personal experience, and there are a range of ways through which we provide excellent value for money.

Our Status Value

Our Core Values

  1. 1. Transparent in our dealings
  2. 2. Accountable to the stakeholders
  3. 3. Integrity and professionalism
  4. 4. Commit to providing excellent service
  5. 5. Conduct our activities sustainably
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Our Status Value

Community Engagement

TAAS acts as a hub of knowledge and learning that supports the local community, develops skills in the economy, and by doing so, enhances the area’s and the Academy’s own reputation. Through our engagement and responsiveness, TAAS aims to;
  1. 1. ensure that the Academy offers a wide range of accessible curricula fit for economic and social purposes;
  2. 2. provide support, information, and guidance for the community;
  3. 3. promote equality and diversity within the Academy and our wider community;
  4. 4. provide outreach learning within communities in need;
  5. 5. develop the local economy through business training and support;
  6. 6. provide services to the community, seeking additional support to expand our existing course portfolio.
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Develop the skills Employers are Looking for:

Why study at TAAS?

Not only will you develop subject specific knowledge, you’ll also gain lots of transferrable skills that all employers look for when recruiting new staff. You’ll be collaborating with other students on projects, so you’ll develop your communication, team working, problem solving, organization and leadership skills.
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Kesmonds International University (KIU)

The Academy for Advanced Studies (TAAS) is the official London campus for which is a research-led, innovative modern university with history of merit, outstanding student achievement and excellence. With modern campuses, research institutes and centres of excellence across several countries

TAAS-KIU offer validated programmes from undergraduate to doctoral research and accredited corporate training programmes. KIU is registered in the state of Delaware USA with file number 6397318 icis.corp.delaware.gov.

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Academic Excellence:

Our lecturers are highly qualified professionals with extensive industry experience, sharing their years of expertise through a hands-on teaching approach and mentoring. Studying a course at TAAS will:
  1. 1. Give you valuable theoretical knowledge for your undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  2. 2. Provide you with valuable practical experience that will add value to your personal and professional development.
  3. 3. Expose you to the most recent theories and tools in your chosen field.
  4. 4. Support you in learning academic writing and presentation while preparing you for the
  5. 5. European Higher Education System.
  6. 6. Assist you in building a network of TAAS students, alumni, and industry experts.

Over 20 Progs. Available

Meet Some of Our Professors

A group of highly qualified and experienced academics across Europe, with extensive industry experience from public and private organizations!
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Prof. A. Pius
Prof. A. Pius
Dr. A. Habib
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    Memberships, Recognitions & Accreditations

    The Academy for Advanced Studies TAAS works with many respectable and well-known accreditation bodies around the world. TAAS offers regulated courses as such it must maintain the highest academic standards with multiple checks and balances in place to ensure that education standards provided to students comply with the Ofqual and QiW.